Why Choose us

Personlaised care

Every patient is like our family member.so we believe in giving them a personliased treatment plan so that they have a good dentition for lifetime

Standardized Treatment Protocol

We are one of a kind!! NO FRANCHISEES!!

We neither do have franchisees nor are we corporate. We offer an exclusive one to one care to all the patients.

Dental care by SPECIALISTS

You get an personalized and advanced dental care by our in-house specialists

Excellent FOLLOW UP

We have excellent maintenance of your dental records so that our in-house specialists can follow up and care for your dental needs all through your life.

Pleasant interior

We have two fully equipped operating suites for performing all dental treatments.

Strict STERILIZATION protocol

We have a state of the art sterilization room which is equipped with Vacuum Autoclave, Ultraviolet Sterilizer and Ultrasonic Agitator.

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No: 72, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai- 600017.