Tooth colored restoration

They are the filling which are white in color are usually composite material. Composite filling are matched and blend to natural tooth color for better esthetics.

Tooth coloured restorations are actually bonded to remaining tooth structure compared to silver/amalgam restorations, which are "locked" into tooth structure. This property of resin restorations makes them a very conservative approach to tooth restoration after caries removal.

How Long Do They Last?

Tooth coloured fillings now are harder when compared to silver/amalgam restorations. A small filling could conceivably last a lifetime, and larger fillings can be expected to last many years. The factors that determine the lifespan of a particular filling include: the tooth (molars take more force than bicuspids), the size of the filling relative to the tooth (smaller fillings will usually be more durable than larger fillings), and how teeth are cleaned and maintained daily.

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