An orthodontist straightens teeth using braces (metal wire attached to teeth), Although orthodontic treatment can be done at any age they are best carried out in young children of 8-15 years age. During this age it is possible for the orthodontist to foresee any dental problems that are likely to occur and can take preventive measures. This is called preventive orthodontics.

The jaws are actively growing by 8-10 years of age and therefore are the ideal time to mould the jaws. At an early age the braces are less painful and the treatment duration is shorter.

Advancing age makes the jaws harder and therefore makes it difficult to mold the jaws and to move the teeth. But orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any age.

Orthodontic treatment can be done with fixed braces or with Invasilign or with Lingual orthodontics

Reason for doing orthodontic treatment

  • Straighten teeth
  • Correct an irregular bite
  • Close gaps present between the teeth
  • Bring teeth and lips into proper alignment

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