Flouride Therapy

Flouride is a anticavity agent. It is a mineral that strengthens the teeth and inhibits bacterical growth on teeth thus prevent the plaque and tartar formation. It makes tooth more resistant to dental bacterial acid attack leading to decrease in cavity formation

  • In this fluoride therapy fluoride is applied topically with help of foam trays or applicator brush for 5mintuets
  • Fluoride treatments commonly are given to children when their teeth are developing between the ages of 6 months and 16 years.
  • Many children who have history of cavities get fluoride treatments every six months. The treatments provide extra protection against cavities, even if children already drink fluoridated water
  • Or by brushing or painting the flouride varinsh on teeth surface. Childrens who are at high risk of tooth decay can benefits from this therapy.

Indication includes:

  • History of previous decay or fillings
  • Diet rich in sugar content
  • Orthodontic appliance treatment
  • Certain medical or systemic disease causes dry mouth
  • Frequent snacking habit.

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