Dental Implants

Teeth are built to last life time. But due to neglect and dental disease patient loses their teeth.Dental Implant is an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental Implant supports restorations like single crown, multi-unit bridge and full arch dentures. Most important advantage of dental implant is it preserves the jaw bone like the natural tooth does. Dental implant are made with biocompatible titanium screws placed in the jaw bone. though nothing can replace natural teeth but dental implant in the next best option.

Benefits of dental implants:

  1. Does not require to grind natural teeth (adjacent teeth) for support.
  2. Restores chewing ability and thus improves diet
  3. Enables you to speak properly
  4. Requires you to brush and floss normally
  5. Fix Your Missing Teeth
  6. Solve patient problems associated with removable Denture

Types of dental implants

  1. Single teeth implants
  2. Implants for crown and bridge
  3. Implant supported removable dentures
  4. Implant supported fixed dentures

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