Complete Denture

Some people are lucky enough to have all teeth in old age. But as people get old they will have lost one or more tooth due to decay or gum disease. And if the gum disease is very severe and advanced patient will lose all their teeth. Complete dentures can help such patient to get their teeth and life style back.
Complete dentures can be

Removable type

They are removable dentures make of acrylic that the patients can use for their function like teething and esthetic. Only disadvantage with removable dentures that they have to be removed a daily and store in boxes.

Implant supported removal complete denture

Removable dentures some times due not have enough retention because of bone loss and will fall off during talking and chewing taking it difficult your patient to lead a normal life. In this case patient can get 2 or 4 implants placed for retention to improve the chewing efficacy of patients

Fixed implant supported completed dentures

Due to recent advances in dentistry and implant dentistry now patient can get a complete set of new fixed teeth. To get fixed dentures patient will requires 4 -6 implants placed in each jaw and later dentures will be permanently fixed to implants. It is fixed prosthesis and patient cannot remove the appliance

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